Internal Medicine

People love their pets, and when their companions need advanced care and diagnostics, today's pet owners are comfortable seeking assistance through a veterinary referral hospital. Our Internal Medicine Department works closely with referring veterinarians to provide advanced evaluation and treatment planning for dogs, cats and their owners. We specialize in a strong commitment to medical excellence and quality care. We pride ourselves on open communication with our clients and their referring veterinarians.

We are not currently accepting new patients so that we can focus on our existing patient care.

Diagnostic Services

  • Abdominal & thoracic ultrasound
  • Arthrocentesis
  • Blood pressure monitoring & management
  • Cancer staging
  • Tissue sampling
  • Imaging
  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Echocardiography
  • Endocrine disease diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring
  • Scoping procedures
  • Bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage
  • Cystoscopy (individual case basis)
  • Esophageal stricture ballooning
  • Rhinoscopy and pharyngoscopy
  • Upper and lower GI endoscopy for diagnosis and foreign body retrieval
  • Feeding tube placement
  • Thoracocentesis for diagnostic & therapeutic purposes

Advanced knowledge of medical diseases allows for comprehensive evaluation and treatment. We make every effort to provide all therapeutic options, a large dose of compassion, and ease of treatment scheduling for owners.

Care Expectations

The entire staff of Tufts VETS is deeply committed to providing compassionate care and service while maintaining the professional expertise expected from a specialty veterinary hospital. This is why at this time we are not accepting new patients, so that we can focus on providing exceptional care to our existing patients and clients.

After hours and weekend coverage by our skilled emergency doctors provides quick access to internal medicine client records and allows for rapid attention and personalized service if an urgent situation arises.

Internal Medicine Services at Tufts Veterinary Emergency Treatment & Specialties
  • Referring Veterinarians
  • Tufts VETS offers many specialty services as an extension of the primary care veterinarian, and we recognize the important role we play in helping you provide optimum medical care for your clients and patients.
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  • Emergency & Critical Care
  • Tufts VETS offers emergency and critical care services and surgeries around the clock for pets requiring immediate surgical intervention.
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